The Story Behind Wicked Miss Off Road Clothing

Carrie Hunt

I'm so excited to finally launch the Wicked Miss Off Road Clothing Website.  To be able to design a clothing line with the off road woman in mind is a dream come true!  This whole idea started in early last year when I was looking to add stylish off road clothing to my wardrobe.  I wanted women's off road clothing that looked good, fit well, would hold up to trail dirt (and come clean after a trip through a mud hole) and was affordable.  I looked and looked but I couldn't really find anything that fit the bill.  Then it dawned on me - if I was looking for stylish off road clothing other women probably were too!  So I did a little "test" one weekend at one of our favorite off road parks.  I set up a table with a banner and a few pieces of clothing I designed.  I asked other women off road enthusiasts what they would like to wear out on the trail.   The feedback was fabulous!  The majority of women I talked with wanted the same things I did!  So my idea came to life and Wicked Miss was born!  I'm excited to bring Wicked Miss Off Road Clothing to you and I hope you enjoy wearing Wicked Miss as much as I do.  I hope to see you on the trail -- having fun and looking good!

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